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Oslo Freedom Forum 2020 Panel
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The National Interest; for all 27 experts predictions for 2019, click here


New Books in East Asian Studies (February, 2019)
Korea Economic Institute of America, “Can Information Really Pry Open North Korea?”  (March, 2017)
Australian Broadcast Corporation Interview – with Phillip Adams


The Building Blocks of Civil Society in North Korea: New Report Finds that Market Activities Have Fostered the Beginnings of a Public Sphere in North Korea (February 23, 2021 | United States Institute of Peace)

North Korea’s Information and Technology: The Inflow of Foreign Content and the Regime’s Countermeasures, moderated by Dr. John Park (December 1, 2020 | Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center)

Negotiating with North Korea panel, chaired by Dr. Emily Jones (June 6, 2018 | Oxford University)

Talk at Oxford’s Changing Character of War Center, chaired by Dr. Andrew Monaghan (May 15, 2018 | Oxford University)

Movies, Markets, and Mass Surveillance,” chaired by Lord David Alton, MP Fiona Bruce, and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (February 5, 2018 | UK Houses of Parliament)

Technology, Security, and Regime Survival in North Korea,” chaired by Dr. Lucas Kello (November 8, 2017 | Oxford University)

“Tales from North Korea,” Cheltenham Literature Festival (October 15, 2017 | Cheltenham, UK)

Talk at Harvard University’s Belfer Center, chaired by Graham Allison (April 20, 2017 | Cambridge, MA)

Talk at Yale University (April 11, 2017 | New Haven, CT)

Escaping North Korea: A Defector’s Journey at Asia Society (April 5, 2017 | Houston, TX)

Talk at Harvard University’s Carr Center (April 4, 2017 | Cambridge, MA)

“Power of Information in North Korea” hosted by MEP Lazslo Tokes at EU Parliament (March 22, 2017 | Brussels)

Book Launch hosted by Oxford (February 13, 2017 | Oxford)

Book Talk hosted by UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on NK (November 2, 2016 | London)

Subtle Acts of Nonviolent Defiance in North Korea: Civil Resistance in the Making? (November  8, 2016 | Online)

Quora: Ask me Anything (November 10, 2016 | Online)

Book Talk hosted by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (December 7, 2016 | New York City)

One Harmony Concert and Panel (December 12, 2016 | New York City)

Book Talk at Korea Society (December 13, 2016 | New York City)

Unification Media Group: International Symposium for Realizing the Freedom of Information in North Korea [December 10, 2015]

Fletcher School, Tufts University: Advancing Human Rights in North Korea [November 17, 2015]

Wellesley University: Women, Militarization, and Peace-building on the Korean Peninsula [November 17, 2015]

John Hopkins-SAIS: US Policy on North Korea: The Case for Instituting a More Effective, Human Rights-Centric Approach [October 27, 2015]

World Conference on North Korea [October 13-14, 2015]

The Chicago Council: “Inside North Korea” [September 15, 2015]

The Brookings Institution: “The Next Generation of Korea Experts: The Young and the Brave” [June 19, 2015]

Harvard Kennedy School: Ideasphere – “Leaders on Leadership” [May 15, 2014]

The Korea Society: “Divided Families” Screening and Q&A” [January 22, 2014]