“1/7 of the world’s population is disabled, but comprise an invisible community: Sara Minkara, on “Empowerment Through Integration”

Sara Minkara, a close friend from HKS, is an extraordinary person. She’s created this NGO called “Empowerment through Integration” that works to empower young people with disabilities in order to help integrate them into their communities. She started off with Lebanon, opened a branch in Nicaragua this past summer, and is off to start branches in many other places.

She lost her sight when she was 7 years old. But you can’t really tell in the video (or like, ever). She’s the most capable and intelligent person I know. (I have a TON of fun stories about her, but will refrain from over-sharing on a blog. You’re welcome, Sar!! :))

Check her out. She’s an outlier. She’ll be the most impressive, most courageous person you’ll meet in a very long time.



Me and Sara in Palestine, 2013