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Interested in information freedom in North Korea? Submit your idea!

On behalf of Lumen, I am very excited to launch our first annual Open Call for Ideas. If you are interested in information freedom, check out our link and submit an idea:

Protest Point!

At a popular meeting spot inside the British Museum in London (usually next to the lion statue, which is behind these brilliant protest signage), the museum set up an area where children can create and share what they are protesting…. Continue Reading →

Election Day! Go vote

A few friends who escaped from North Korea recently asked me why some Americans don’t vote. “If you CAN vote, why won’t you vote?” I had no answer for them. I told them I have no idea.   The desire… Continue Reading →

Interest in North Korea at the UK Parliament

Lord David Alton and MP Fiona Bruce invited me to speak at the UK Parliament. More than anything, it was so encouraging for people of their stature to be so genuinely invested and interesting in helping people in and from… Continue Reading →

First Openly Gay North Korean Defector Speaks to New York Times

Normally, I try to avoid re-posting articles on the blog (even though there are so many good ones out there!) but this one was too good, too interesting, and too unique to not re-post. Mr. Yeong-Jin Jang arrived in South Korea… Continue Reading →

A Flower that Blooms Two days After Valentine’s Day in North Korea

Happy Valentine’s Day! As we all gear up for big plans with lovers and friends or bash yet another commercialized holiday that adds stress to men and create unrealistic expectations for women, some of you may have woken up today… Continue Reading →

“북한을 해킹하라” – Hack North Korea

보도자료 2014. 8.6  미 샌프란시스코 “북한을  해킹하라”  – Hack North Korea   8월 2일과 3일 양일간 미국 뉴욕의 인권재단( Human Rights Foundation, HRF)은  ‘북한을 해킹하라’ 라는 컨퍼런스 행사를 주최하였다. 본 회의를 통해 샌프란시스코의 다양한 IT 기술진, 엔지니어들과  탈북자들이 한자리에 모여… Continue Reading →

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