Istanbul (Part II) with Merve!

I made my way to Istanbul again to see Merve, the beautiful sister of Emre Sargin, who was a colleague and friend from Google. She and I met up with her friends who also live in Istanbul and we drove over to Demirciköy that overlooked the Black Sea. We had some beers, and made our way to a beautiful fish restaurant where we ate and hung out until the sun set.  We made our way to Bebek (a posh area in Istanbul that means “baby”) and had coffee and desserts by the water, which was the perfect finale to a day in Istanbul.

The next day, Merve and I hung out at Ba?dat Caddesi and walked along the Marmara Sea, that was dotted with local Turkish families, groups of friends, and couples in love who were playing, swimming, and sunbathing. This was one of my favorite weekends in Istanbul by far – Thank you Merve! [Note to readers: check out Merve’s blog!]


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