Activism through Art: Kang Chun-Hyuk

I came across Kang Chun-Hyuk’s artwork recently, and noted how much information and heartbreak a young artist could expose about the brutality of the North Korean regime through his drawings and ‘live paintings.’ His talented work captures and showcases the systematic injustices revealed in individual lives of ordinary North Korean people. At the same time, he creatively exhibits hope and love he’s witnessed throughout his life. Once you watch one video of his live painting, I bet you won’t be able to stop (it’ll be worth it!). His full channel is here. If you are interested in purchasing his work, message him directly. Also, check out the great work that David Malik and NKHRW is doing to support artists (among other great programs they have).

About Kang Chun-Hyuk (citing NKHRW):

Born in Hamkyung Bukdo, Onsung Kun, North Korea, he escaped from North Korea in March 1998, crossing the cold Tumen River near the border with China. He majored in fine arts at Hongik University in Seoul, which is a very prestigious art school. He has been drawing and painting subjects related to human rights abuses in North Korea. His goal as an artist is to enlighten the world about the brutal abuses of North Korea’s authoritarian regime and to condemn North Korea’s human rights violations through his work. He has been exhibiting his work worldwide, including a solo exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic, and a group exhibition in Dresden, Germany. He is currently preparing an exhibition in the United States.