Jangmadang Generation Documentary

I just re-watched Liberty in North Korea’s documentary titled “Jangmadang Generation” and was reminded of just how much work we as civilians can do to bring positive changes to the people of North Korea. If you are an engineer, researcher, philanthropist, technologist, chef, artist, musician, politician, athlete, a chill chronic Netflixer (that’s cool too), or simply human, and you want to get involved in bringing positive changes to the lives of people in North Korea, then you can. Today. You can donate $$ and/or skills to Liberty in North Korea, or the many organizations doing work in this space. If you want to chat more about ideas, reach out to me!

But yes, definitely check out this documentary. Sokeel Park, Hannah Song and their team did an incredible job highlighting the stories of the individuals in the film, as well as drawing out themes of the social changing across North Korean society, and ways that the young generation of North Koreans are simply different than those in the past. And it seems like they want change too.