13th: A Must-Watch Film

Ava DuVernay’s new documentary, “13th” is a powerful, compelling narrative of how mass-incarceration in the United States is an extension of slavery. Drawing from interviews with professors, politicians, activists, and former-inmates-turned-activists, along with media and news footage from the past ninety years, DuVernay presents a reality embedded in the United States that must be reckoned with and fundamentally addressed.

I urge you to watch it. I assure you, there will be parts that will infuriate you, shock you into disbelief, and bring you to tears of sadness and sheer anger. I’m a strong believer that emotions triggered by injustice could and should be transformed into constructive actions to address the injustices. If you don’t have legal access to it online, find someone near you who does, or someone who can host a screening. If you still can’t figure out a way to watch it, message me. We’ll work it out!

At least check out the trailer. Then go from there.


[Updating post on June 6, 2020: Netflix has made the full film available for free on Youtube since April, 2020. See below]



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