Women’s Rights are Human Rights: Mrs. Park Jihyun @ Oxford

The Oxford International Relations Society hosted a talk with Mrs. Park Jihyun, who presented a powerful and haunting overview of her experiences of living in and escaping from North Korea. The room was so packed that some students were turned away.

Amidst curious Oxford students, Mrs. Park shared her story with that quiet, still power she so naturally exudes. Her gravitas in undeniable. She is a fervent human rights advocate, fighting especially hard to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities of North Korean women and children.  The evening was a somber yet hopeful one, as Mrs. Park shared with a few students of her activism work. Despite her harrowing experiences, she and her family found their way to the United Kingdom where she and her husband are raising their beautiful children. Her fight to survive, her resilience, and her huge heart for others are simply astonishing and inspiring.

You can read about the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea here. You can read more  about her story Telegraph ArticleInterview with Amnesty, and Reddit.  A few photos of the evening. Be sure to follow her on Facebook!


Oxford’s International Relations Society and Mrs. Park
Mrs. Park answering questions.
A full house!
A full house!



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